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Creating Curiosity with our new resources

Flower portraits


After exploring the farm animals….babies decided they needed a drink of water…

Being creative with leaves and twigs collected earlier….

An afternoon of activities to celebrate the Royal Wedding

Exploring colours….

After a morning of exploring colours…. Tiddlers continued their learning with mark making outside on the bikes.

Tiddler’s Beauty Salon…

Our little beauticians had fun at the beauty salon this week doing Robins hair and make up. They also enjoyed painting their nails…

Pre- School are learning about the life cycle of frogs….with their very own pet tadpoles

Preschool have been very interested in the life cycle of frogs by watching the frog spawn change into tadpoles….Some preschool children have even taken them home as pets!!… please send in pictures of your tadpoles at home by email, so the children can discuss with their friends

Buses, Trains and Planes…

After the children showing an interest in transport, the children enjoyed a trip on the bus to see the trains and planes….

Emergency Services to the Rescue!!

After a discussion about what the children wanted to be when they grew up….Pre-School children enjoyed making police cars, ambulances, fire engines and police boats from junk modelling, so they could pretend to be the emergency services to the rescue!!