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St Patrick’s Days

19th March 2021

Learning all about St Patricks Day

International Mother Language Day

22nd February 2021

Celebrating International mother language day, exploring foods and using languages from home.


Shrove Tuesday

Valentines Day

Spreading the love …

Celebrating Lunar New Year

13th February 2021

Fun in the Snow

1st February 2021

Enjoying the January Snow

Magical Wands

26th November 2020

Preschool, were exploring fairy’s which then went on to wizards and wands. The children were then presented with a beautiful provocation to allow them to make their own wands

Diwali & Bandi chhor divas

20th November 2020

LangarAid -Helping the homeless in Coventry

20th November 2019

Amazing – 91 items donated, gloves, socks, scarfs and hats.  We were blessed to be able to spend a few hours this evening helping out at the homeless shelter.  Thank you all for you kind donations they were gratefully received.



Showing children the importance of being kind

Today for children in need we collected for our chosen charity ‘LangarAid’ collecting hats, scarfs and gloves for the homeless in Coventry.


On of our preschool children, knew who the donations were for and asked if we could also feed the homeless toaday.  So they made cakes, and took them around the city centre handing them out bringing a big smile to some of the homeless people they met.

Teaching children what is important. Being caring and compassionate. Helping those in need. Bringing smiles to others. Our future generation.


Care Home Visit

13th November 2019

During our visit to the care home yesterday, the residents had arranged a puppet show where the children had an opportunity to put on a show for their elderly friends, we also enjoyed getting physical by enjoying a game of throw and catch together.


Celebrating 550yrs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The children spent the day learning about Guru Nanak and Sikhism followed by a visit to our local gurdwara.


Remembrance Day

12th November 2019

Learning about all the brave soldier on Remembrance Day. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our stay and play this morning. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Muddy Puddles

7th November 2019

Having fun today in the mud kitchen


Sharing Bedtime Stories

15th October 2019

Lots of research points to the importance of introducing young children to books and the love of reading.  In this short window of their early years reading stories to your child will expand their vocabulary as well as help them develop their imagination, creative thinking and of course the special bond developed with you whilst sharing story time.

To encourage reading at home, we have introduced a ‘home library’ this is located in the downstairs hallway, please visit the trolley as you wish choosing a story to take home.  These can be changed as often as you would like, all we ask is that you encourage your child to look after the books and also kindly return your book before selecting another one.


Royal Wedding #HarryWedsMeghan

18th May 2018

Planting Stay and Play

20th April 2018

Mother’s Day

9th March 2018


Chinese New Year Celebrations

16th February 2018

Valentines Love

15th February 2018


9th February 2018

Let them explore, imagine & learn

Tabletop painting

25th January 2018

Tiddlers loving this tabletop painting provocation which was inspired by a Facebook post by The ‘Colegio Jaun Pablo II’ setting. Simple yet effective.

We shall not forget

10th November 2017

A fun filled day learning about and remembering those who gave their lives;

Engaging Environments

8th November 2017

Engagement, curiosity and wonder. Feed their imagination and their minds.

Potion Making

7th November 2017

An exciting and thought-provoking invitation to explore potion making.


Celebrating Guru Nanak’s Birthday

3rd November 2017

The children had a wonderful time celebrating Guru Nanak’s Birthday by doing lots and lots of wonderful exciting activities.

Spooky Halloween

31st October 2017

Babies Exploring Sounds

23rd October 2017

Our Baby room had lots of fun exploring lots of different sounds using various objects.

Happy Diwali

19th October 2017

We had a wonderful day learning and celebrating Diwali today, Happy Diwali to all those celebrating x

Harvest Time for Tiddlers and Tweenies

9th October 2017

Tiddlers and Tweenies had an exciting time, visiting the local green grocers and exploring the produce that they brought back.  Cutting, drawing, exploring and even cooking.

Exploring Harvest Foods

Preschool exploring harvest foods

Happy Grandparents Day

2nd October 2017

Happy Grandparents Day to all those special grandma’s and granddad’s out there.

Exploring Autumn

13th September 2017

Is all about providing stimulating learning opportunities, Tweenie room children exploring Autumn after their interest was sparked whilst on a walk

Hunting for mini beasts

8th September 2017

Our preschool children wanted to look for ladybirds today.  Looking for little friends is so much fun !!

Fathers Day Stay and Play

20th June 2017

Thank you to all those who joined us for Fathers Days Stay and Play. The children had a fabulous afternoon with activities including; boat racing, making stress balls, painting golfballs, den building, rolling cars to see the distance, playing with bubbles, writing daddy poem and lots of other fun activities ending with a buffet.

Toddle Waddle

19th June 2017

On Friday we completed our Toddle Waddle to help raise funds for Myton Hospice.  The children had a lovely day, thank you so much for all the parents that came along to enjoy the walk with us.

Please kindly bring in any outstanding sponsorship by the end of the week please.

Summer time planting

12th June 2017

Red Nose Day Fun

28th March 2017

What a fun filled day, for our Red Nose Day bake off …

Mother’s Day Stay and Play Session

Thank you to all the mum’s and grandma’s that joined the children yesterday for our mothers day stay and play session.  The children really enjoyed sharing their day with you all


PreSchool Exploring Space

23rd March 2017

Pre-School children this week have taken a real interest in space and planets.

They have been busy making rockets using letters from their name, eating soup like astronauts, making galaxy salt dough, flying rockets to see how far they would go using straws and using a measuring tape to see how far they have gone.  They have also cleverly learnt all the planets by memorizing a rhyme, and have had fun creating crators of the moon using flour and marbles.

St Patrick’s Day

19th March 2017

The children had a wonderful day doing lots of fun activities celebrating St Patrick’s Day.


On Monday the children had great fun exploring colour for Holi …

Tweenies the Dinosaur hunters !

15th March 2017

Tweenies have been looking for the dinosaur this week …

World Book Day

2nd March 2017

Well what a busy fun pack day today! lots of learning happening with focuses around 4 of the children favourite book; ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘Not last night but the night before’, ‘Room on a Broom’, and ‘Aliens love underpants’

Tiddlers looking after babies

1st March 2017

Tiddler Room have been looking after babies this week, and what a good job they did !!  Thank you to Mothercare who allowed the children to use their equipment to help them explore the care of babies.


Pre-School Scientists

24th February 2017

This week Pre-Schooler’s have been scientists!

They have had lots of discussions about how raisins are formed, and have tried to put this to the test!

They have also been experimenting with celery and discussing the process of colour change, by using test tubes and food colouring.

Baby’s Bear Hunt

22nd February 2017

Baby Room

Well Babies have certainly been on a bear hunt this week, including painting a large bear, going into the woods (park), looking at bear books, making bear food and even making their very own bear cave!

Valentines Love

17th February 2017

Here are a few activities the children enjoyed doing on tuesday to celebrate Valentines Day;

Choking hazard of Grapes

14th October 2015

Smoking Ban in Cars

8th October 2015