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Nursery Tour

At Stepping Stones we do things slightly different, we believe that nurturing relationships amongst the children is paramount and allowing them the time to blossom and develop within one base room with their peers and consistent carers is more beneficial to their emotional needs.

This is why children are place in cohort groups based that ensure they transition to the next room as an established friendship group. 

This works much the same way as school year groups, for example our pre-school group only consist of children who are leaving for school that academic year, this allows us to tailor our early years curriculum in a more focused manner.


The baby room is the base room for the 6weeks to 18mth olds. Baby room has been designed to ensure your little ones feel safe and secure within the nursery environment. The babies have access to two rooms to ensure they have the space to explore their surroundings as well as having areas for relaxation and comfort. We have a wide selection of resources that help to aid children’s sensory development and stimulate learning.

The Tiddler room is the base room for the 18 mths to 2yrs,+. Within this room the children are provided with a wide array of activities and resources. Children free flow throughout the day and staff will following the children’s interests and provide stimulating and inviting activities for them to take part in. With these activities, practitioners are able to use their extensive knowledge of their children to help further their development and linking it to the Early years foundation stage curriculum.

The Tweenie rooms are for children ranging in age from 2 and a half to 3 years old. The children have a huge area to explore which spans over 3 rooms. Room are rich with resources and beautiful set up stimulating provocations for the children to explore.  Again as with all room practitioners use their knowledge paired with the children’s interests to ensure all children are making progress in their learning and development.  There is an emphasis on beginning to develop independence skills such as toileting, using cutlery and beginning to put their own coat and shoes on.


The preschool room is the base room for all of those 3-4 year olds who are in their final year of nursery prior to beginning a school reception class. The activities that take place within this room are designed to support the children’s learning and development towards the early learning goals within the EYFS. The children help to direct their own learning and staff provide activities that will ensure all aspects of the EYFS curriculum are covered.  The preschool children are have access to an outdoor area where learning is extended. Staff are highly motivated towards nurturing learning and support the children’s learning to ensure they are prepared for their transition to school.