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St Patrick’s Days

Learning all about St Patricks Day

International Mother Language Day

Celebrating International mother language day, exploring foods and using languages from home.


Shrove Tuesday

Valentines Day

Spreading the love …

Celebrating Lunar New Year

Fun in the Snow

Enjoying the January Snow

Magical Wands

Preschool, were exploring fairy’s which then went on to wizards and wands. The children were then presented with a beautiful provocation to allow them to make their own wands

Diwali & Bandi chhor divas

LangarAid -Helping the homeless in Coventry

Amazing – 91 items donated, gloves, socks, scarfs and hats.  We were blessed to be able to spend a few hours this evening helping out at the homeless shelter.  Thank you all for you kind donations they were gratefully received.



Showing children the importance of being kind

Today for children in need we collected for our chosen charity ‘LangarAid’ collecting hats, scarfs and gloves for the homeless in Coventry.


On of our preschool children, knew who the donations were for and asked if we could also feed the homeless toaday.  So they made cakes, and took them around the city centre handing them out bringing a big smile to some of the homeless people they met.

Teaching children what is important. Being caring and compassionate. Helping those in need. Bringing smiles to others. Our future generation.